Dream Big

We encourage our students, and our staff, to ‘Dream Big’.  If you are a student or an alumni and have a story to add, please email it to nfurneaux@framinghamearl.net.


Di Swanepoel: Ironman Triathlon = 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, then 26.2 mile run, and all to be completed in under 17 hours.

Who would think that was a good idea?

2011 saw me your average 40-something - occasional aerobics class, bit of a swim on holiday. Then I was persuaded to join a team triathlon to swim 1 mile in Whitlingham Broad. As a swimmer in my teens this seemed feasible, but I was awful, swam poorly in the lake, and felt as if I had let us all down. So not one to be beaten, looked a bit more into this triathlon lark and before you knew it - hooked. Starting off with short sprint races in 2012, slowly building to longer Olympic distances. Then word got around about Ironman Sweden in 2014, I just got pulled along with the crowd, before I knew it that “enter” button on the laptop was pressed and I was committed. A year of anticipation, 6 months build-up of training and we were off, and 13 hours 05 later I was finished. Ironman Barcelona followed in 2015 (11 hours 50), with plans to celebrate my next noteworthy birthday in 2018 with Ironman Copenhagen.

Why? Why not?



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