Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch-Up Premium

There were 55 students who joined the School in Year 7 with low prior attainment (below ‘100’ – the national standardised ‘average’) in either English or Maths (or both). 21 of these students were female, 34 were male. 31 of these students have received regular and personalised intervention in Year 7 to enable them to ‘catch up’ with their peers. These interventions include:

  • specialised Maths and English curriculum groups, taught by a primary trained secondary teacher who, in liaison with the Heads of English and Maths, works with a small group of students during their timetabled English and Maths lessons to identify gaps in knowledge and accelerate their progress (21 students)
  • Nurture provision (15 students)
  • Year 7 spelling intervention, weekly (4 students)
  • Weekly, 1-1 Touch Typing sessions (1 student)

In this cohort of students, at Assessment Point 1, 31% of students are now reported to be attaining at least as expected for their age in English. This figure is 72% in Maths.

98% of these students are making at least acceptable progress in English. This figure is 94% in Maths.

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