What We Do

The purpose of our Governing Body is to help the School provide the best possible education for each of its students, and to enable them to reach the highest standards of achievement.

Governors contribute to the development of the School; its strategic framework; determining the character, aims, ethos and values of the School; and developing its policies. They behave as ‘critical friends’ to the School at all times. This includes monitoring and evaluating the work of the School; offering support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. This will also include challenging and asking questions of the Head teacher and other members of the Leadership Team. Governors do not become involved in day to day management issues.

The full governing body meet on ten occasions over the course of the academic year to discuss items as per an annual agenda, and also attend to any matters that arise over the course of the year. Statutory requirements include financial oversight, monitoring of pupil progress and attainment, health and safety and safeguarding and are addressed by the Full Governing Body or delegated to committees as per the Governing Body’s Terms of Reference.

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The four committees are detailed below. In addition working groups are formed as required to deal with any matters that arise through the course of the year.

Minutes of the Full Governing Body meetings can be found here. Printed copies are available on request.

Governing Committees

Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee meet two to three times each term and provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and governing body in all matters relating to budgeting and finance.

Responsibilities include the consideration of long term planning and resourcing for the school, to monitor income and expenditure of all school funds including the Community Sports Centre, to monitor the impact of spending decisions upon educational achievement in the school and to provide support and guidance for the Headteacher in all matters relating to the school’s premises, grounds, equipment, security and catering.

Members: Alison Randall (chair), Ray Sykes, Liz Humphrey, Nicola Furneaux

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee meet termly to provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and governing body in all matters relating to the schools policies and procedures and regularly review the detail of the policies and school procedures agreed by the governing body.

Members: Roger Margand (chair), John Gordon, Jason Hodgkiss, Nicola Furneaux

Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee

The Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee meet with the head teacher each term to carry out a continuing cycle of professional development. The members discuss and agree performance objectives for the Head teacher and with the support of the School Improvement Partner to review the Head teacher’s performance against these objectives and to set new targets annually, reporting to the Governing Body when this has taken place.

Members: Roger Margand (chair), Trudy Musgrove

Student Disciplinary & Exclusions Committee

The Student Disciplinary & Exclusions Committee meet as and when required and monitor the implementation of the School’s behaviour and discipline policy. In accordance with statutory requirements they will consider the actions of the Headteacher to exclude students from the School, consider representations made by parents/carers, and, if appropriate, to determine whether the student is to be reinstated.

Members: Alison Randall, Trudy Musgrove, Roger Margand, Liz Humphries

(The Chair of the committee will be appointed by the committee.)

The full Terms of Reference of each committee are available on request.


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